Retrieve FactSet RBICS (Revere Business Industry Classification System) data.

sector_revenue(level: int = 4, use_id: bool = False, \ exclude_rbics_other: bool = True, rescale: bool = True, upsample: bool = True)

Retrieve the annual revenue proportions per industry sector for a company, as provided by FactSet.

Retrieve the annual revenue proportions. The values in the time series are between 0 and 1, where 1 means 100%.

  • level (int) – The RBICS level to aggregate over. The values 1–4 are supported.

  • use_id (bool) – Whether to use RBICS ids instead of display names as time series labels.

  • exclude_rbics_other (bool) – Whether to discard the RBICS “Other” sector.

  • rescale (bool) – Whether to rescale revenue percentages such that the percentages sum to 100%.

  • upsample (bool) – Whether to upsample the time series to daily resolution. If True, the data is first backfilled (since the data is aligned to the fiscal period end) and then forward filled.