Annual revenue percentages per industry sector for a company as provided by FactSet. Levels 1-4 are available.


sector_revenue(level, use_id, exclude_rbics_other, rescale, upsample)

Retrieve the annual revenue percentages (the nominal values are 0-1).

  • level (int) – RBICS level to aggregate over (defaults to 4)

  • use_id (bool) – whether to use RBICS ids instead of display names as time series labels (defaults to False)

  • exclude_rbics_other (bool) – Whether to discard the RBICS “Other” sector (defaults to True)

  • rescale (bool) – Whether to rescale revenue percentages such that the percentages sum to 100% (defaults to True)

  • upsample (bool) – Whether to upsample the time series to daily resolution. If True, the data is first backfilled (since the data is aligned to the fiscal period end) and then forward filled (defaults to True)